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free punctuation checkerPunctuation is a very important aspect of grammar because any text might mean differently than intended if not proper punctuation is used. But just like other areas of grammar, punctuation rules are not that easy to memorize or learn. Don’t worry though because below are some common punctuations and their use. Check out our punctuation checker tips to help you with grammar and punctuation.

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free online punctuation checker

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  1. Comma: They say that you can handle pretty much anything if you know how to use it. This punctuation is said to be the soft stop that tells a reader when to pause when reading or speaking. It is also used to connect new to old ideas and to separate clauses in order for the readers to understand what words you used to modify a word or words.

  2. Apostrophe: This punctuation, according to free punctuation checker expert, is also powerful, a combination of a dot and tail to replace a few letters, tells who owns that, change pronouns to verbs and to make plurals. The apostrophe is one of the most commonly mistaken English marks, and many students find it to know when and when not to use it. Therefore, you must be very careful when deciding to use an apostrophe and not. One of its uses is to indicate the possessive case of nouns, and if one does not end with ‘s,’ use an apostrophe ‘s at its end.

  3. Hyphen: According to free online punctuation checker expert, this is a small line, which is about half size of a dash and is written in the center of a line. It can connect words or a few parts of words in order to create a new word. Example, Hannah is a great out-of-work singer. Nevertheless, you should be careful in using this punctuation so that you will know when to apply it in your sentence and not.

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