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If you think punctuation marks’ purpose is only for indicating what we mean by our sentences with the correct pauses and stops, you may probably be wrong. Did you know that these little symbols that do a lot for English writing also are conveying emotions? Let’s check out in this blog from your experts at the punctuation check online.

Punctuation Check Online: The Secret Emotions of Punctuations

  1. Period is angry? A little dot like it can end a sentence, but it is now more than that today. When it comes to digital conversation, the period is used to signify the ‘hit’ send button in an online text or chat. It looks a little aggressive and abrupt.
  2. Exclamation point is sincere? One of the emotions that punctuations convey is excitement and you could see that in the communicators wording ending it with an exclamation point. This sometimes does the trick or solution to the problem caused by an angry period. This adds not a shout but a sincere smile from the sender’s face.
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    Ellipsis and its awkwardness, have you noticed it? Part of this post from your experts at the online punctuation check tool, this punctuation, composed of three dots, can stand for an omitted text section. It sometimes used to signal the receiver to fill in the text—making it very coy and a little bit flirty. When you say, “Cake…”—is that an invitation?

  4. What is with the drama of the asterisk? This punctuation is very noticeable and it holds a place in the text so that you can go and match it up with a comment or a footnote. It can sometimes set the stage direction *yawn*, *stares off*, *vigorously moved fingers* and so on.
  5. Is the comma a bit bored or just feeling a little bit dull? The comma does not really care and it looks as though it is giving you steps between words and so they generally tend to slow things down (a conversation?).

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