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You don’t only find grammarians and people who love checking other people’s mistakes in English in school or work, but you will find them everywhere. Many of them criticize other people for their English writing in particular in the aspects of grammar, punctuation and spelling, but what they might actually call mistakes are not really mistakes. Do you want to know what those mistakes people love correcting while they are not really errors? Check out today’s post from your spelling grammar and punctuation check tool.

Grammar and Punctuation Checker Free Online: What Grammar Mistakes Are Actually Correct?

  1. I am good.”—there is nothing wrong with this statement, but you can often find critics saying this is a mistake. Would you rather use “I am well.”? Do not be mistaken for using the latter because it is what you think is right. According to Mignon Fogarty, it is better to say “ I am good” than saying “I am well” unless you are speaking about your health condition.
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    Split infinitives—another common mistake people commit in writing. Sometimes you need to split infinitives than to make yourself sound awkward.

  3. More than versus Over—people use to think that ‘more than’ is only used for describing a greater amount of something (e.g. The cake fed more than 20 people in the party.), while ‘over’ is used to discuss greater dimensions, such as, “The lake was over 20,000 feet long.” Today, grammarians said that using both is acceptable.
  4. Preventive versus preventative—what is the difference? Today, people do recognize that using ‘preventive’ is more appropriate than preventative (why need to preventate a disease?) You do not preventate but you ‘prevent’—it makes sense, although preventative is still a recognized alternative for ‘preventive.’

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