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For modern writers and speakers like us, most of us do not know of some punctuation marks that actually existed. And today, let’s get back to some of those for our enlightenment. Check out the following for punctuation marks that actually occurred in the English language.

Punctuation and Grammar Check Tips

  1. Interrobang is a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark.
  2. Caret, also known as the ‘wedge,’ – to indicate something missing in the original text.
  3. Solidus is not to be confused with a slash. It has a much steeper angle than the boring old backslash.
  4. Image credit: http://youqueen.com

    Image credit: http://youqueen.com

    Question comma

  5. Section sign is used to indicate text sections and are common to use among lawyers.
  6. Asterism with a cool look and an awesome name. It used to indicate minor text breaks.
  7. Guillemets, also known as ‘Little Williams’ – used as quotation marks in non-English languages.
  8. Sheffer Stroke is punctuation used for propositional calculus and Boolean functions.
  9. Because Sign
  10. Exclamation Comma
  11. Snark, also known as irony mark and percontation point, is used to highlight another meaning layer in text.
  12. Hedera used to mark paragraph breaks back when
  13. Pilcrow, also for paragraph breaks
  14. Dagger is also known as the ‘obelisk,’ and it has a friend called the double dagger.

There you have the 14 punctuation marks many of us did not know exist, but they did. Both amazing and surprising, these punctuations may be some of those that added color to our already colorful world of grammar and punctuation. That’s why it’s so important to use a punctuation and grammar checker if you have any doubts.

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