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grammar and punctuation checkWhether you are a professional or a student, doing and completing writing tasks, including reports, research papers and essays you know that those papers are  very important. However, you cannot create a good piece without complete grammar knowledge because all aspects of grammar, including grammar, punctuation and spelling, are very crucial for the best outputs. To check grammar and punctuation check, you may want to see the tips we’ve created below for your reference that you can use at any convenient time. Here we gathered the most popular punctuation and grammar mistakes and the odds are high that after the proper document screening you will be able to find few in your own paper, make sure those do not ruin your project papers!

Check Punctuation Tips

Learn how to use capital letters and where to use a specific one to make a great and right accent to your writing. First off, it is the system of using signs and symbols for helping the readers what you mean in your text. You can also convey the right message for your readers by helping them understand what you mean through correct punctuation use.

Image credit: prnewsonline.com

Image credit: prnewsonline.com

  1. What is a comma? To check punctuation, learn that a comma is useful to highlight a pause before proceeding to the next item in the list and to pause (when speaking or reading) before continuing and to use at least one adjective in the sentence. For example, “She is a lovely, smart girl.”
  2. A period is another important punctuation in the English language, something you have to know in these tips about check grammar and punctuation free. This is called the ‘full stop’ that is always used to indicate the end of a sentence and to tell the readers that the point has already been made. It can also be used when abbreviating common words, including telephone (tel.), number (num.) and September (Sept.).
  3. You should also know about the question mark (?) that is used to indicate a sentence is a question. For example, “What time is it?”
  4. Then there is the exclamation mark (!) that is used to indicate a feeling, such as love, fear and anger and is used to accentuate the feeling within your spoken words. For example, “Stop!”
  5. Brackets () are used to set aside a point which is not necessarily part of the main sentence.
  6. Square brackets are used to indicate an abbreviation of length quotations, add your words into section or correct tense of a quotation.
  7. Slash (/) is used to indicate ‘or’ and etc.

Check Punctuation: Other Types of Punctuation Marks

  • Semi-colon
  • Quotation or speech marks
  • Colon
  • Apostrophe
  • Slash
  • Hyphen
  • Dash
  • Brackets, square brackets

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