Alternative Guide to Using Punctuation Marks

Looking for an alternative guide to using punctuation marks? Nowadays, we use these punctuation marks in explaining our feelings in writing. Today, there are more ways than one to which we can use these punctuation marks.
punctuation marks

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Great Ways That Parents Could Understand Their Children with Punctuation Marks

  • Standard smile 🙂
  • Kissing:-*
  • With nose 🙂
  • Buck-tooth :-E
  • Evil grin >_)
  • Frown smile or sad 🙁
  • Sad with nose 🙁
  • Angry :-@
  • Super sad :-<
  • Sticking tongue out 😛
  • Surprised 😮
  • Confused :-$
  • Don’t tell/secret :-#
  • Hugs (((H)))
  • Kiss on the lips :-X
  • One eyebrow raised ‘:-)
  • With braises :-#
  • Happy crying :’-)
  • I’m an angel (boy) o:-)
  • Yawn l-o

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